2014 New Years Resolutions

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It’s the start of a new year and with that comes a new start, spring cleaning and, of course, new years resolutions!

What are you going to resolve to do/be/create this year!

We asked some of our favorite Downcity people what their resolutions are this year… and how well they did with last years!:

Anne Marie Keohane, Owner and ‘Yes i’m still listening’ clicker on Pandora, at Symposium Books says “My New Years Resolutions for 2013 was to bring my own bags to the supermarket every single time. To actually go back out to the car for them if I forgot”.

Managing to stick with it for the whole of 2013, her resolution for ’14 is “to read more books under 300 pages and to read some tomes this year, I’m going for quality AND quantity this year!”.

Over at The Spa at the Biltmore Hotel, Director Deb Garman hoped to “find a balance between work and life” but with that resolution unfortunately lasting “a matter of hours” she’s going to give it another shot for 2014.

Maybe she’ll find some inspiration from an old college friend who’s resolution to “compliment one person a day, every day for a year” is still going strong years later!

Over at Wharf Bossman, Rob Babigian, is was hoping to travel more during 2013. However it’s also his resolution for 2014 as he only managed to keep up the quest for about a week!

The lovely Kristin Crane, Manager and gernerally awesome person at Craftland, wanted to get back in touch with her textile roots and make fabric.

“I have a huge loom that I’ve moved a bunch of times, and I’m finally using it on a regular basis again”

Managing to be a resolution saint she stuck to her fabric making ways and this year hopes to keep on spreading to handmade love around Providence!

Lets us know what you are resolving to do this year! Hit us up on Twitter at @indowncitypvd #NewYearsResolutions or finds us on Facebook.

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