Daily Archives: March 25, 2015


Easter Sunday Brunch Options

Reserve your spot today for brunch at Aspire. Free valet parking, delicious food and fun for the kids! Local 121 also has a special Easter Brunch Menu. See what they’ll be serving here and make reservations today. Aspire, 311 Westminster Street Local 121, 121 Washington Street


Private Hire at The Boombox

So we all know that The Boombox is the place to head when you just need to sign your heart out and prove to friends, colleagues and perfect strangers that you missed your calling on American Idol. But what if public performing isn’t quite your thing? Don’t you think you should still have the chance…


Staff Picks from Rebecca at Homestyle

Rebecca Adams at Homestyle told me she’s excited for the gourmet food items coming into the shop. When asked for a staff pick, Rebecca told me she’s a “hot sauce connoisseur” and pointed me to their new Rhode Island Red Hot Sauce. All natural and gluten free, Rebecca likes the extra spiciness and homemade taste…


Welcome to Providence, 2015 NCECA Conference!

Welcome to Providence, NCECA and all you ceramic artists and collectors! As you probably already know, Providence is a creative city, full of world class dining, independent shops and friendly residents. Luckily for you, the Convention Center is right in the middle of Downcity, so when you’re done for the day, skip the big box stores…

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