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Foo Fest! August 13th 2016

Here’s what’s going on at Foo Fest! Check out Empire Street for one of Downcity’s favorite block parties. MUSICAL LINEUP         Entertainment Between Bands…   The 2016 Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire features hands-on making, building & hacking, crafting, garage technology, arts and creativity for sale. Plus robots. ARTIST…


The Spotter App: What You Need to Know

This summer, Spotter, a parking app being developed by Albie Brown and Will Newman, has been getting some attention! It’s quite possible that these innovators have come up with a seriously elegant solution to help commuters to the city find practical parking. “The core problem is that when people are driving around looking for parking,…


Rhode Island International Film Fest: Indowncity Picks

Short films are not only a way for a filmmaker to experiment with aesthetic and theme, they also provide an opportunity for those with varied tastes. Viewers get to experience the zeitgeist of film without the time commitment it would take to see all of the features within a festival. This year, the RI International…

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