Daily Archives: August 7, 2017


Aurora Future Mondays: 8.8.17

You may have heard already – but Aurora will be closing at the end of October. As they fill up the last of their days with fabulous, community oriented programming, this will be the last month of the Future Monday Series. Make it count, and get down there to support United Way of Rhode Island and…


Owners of Kleos and Rosalina traveling to Greece!

After a fabulous opening month, Kleos owner Lauren Lynch and Tom Bovis are headed to Greece to do some research.   This means, that both Kleos and Rosalina will be closed from August 7th until August 14th. Definitely going through saganaki withdrawal, but if it means new tasty treats direct from the source, I think…


Aurora Closes at the End of October – But Not Without a Bang!

The venue, community meeting spot, and cocktail haven is slated to be closing by the end of October. In the meantime, we’re going to be enjoying every. last. drop. Of all the LECTURES… DANCING… THEATER… MUSIC…   and DRINKS…   …we can possibly manage. Here’s the official statement:   Dear Aurora Family and Friends, We…

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