Daily Archives: September 4, 2017


Burbage Theatre Presents: Galileo at Aurora

The Burbage Theatre is back for their 7th season! First up is Bertolt Brecht’s Galileo –  don’t miss this run, performed at Aurora Providence performed every Friday and Saturday until September 16th! Galileo examines the tension between the pursuit of knowledge and the power of official ideology, and is widely considered one of Brecht’s masterworks. In the wake…


Back to School with Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts and Modern Love is ready and stocked with brandy-new staples for heading back to the grind. This autumn, check out all their back-to-school looks for a little something extra. Here’s a few staples we’ve picked out for easing back into the school year.   Patent loafers, or some buttery chukas? Take your…


Ask Eno: To Certify, or not to Certify? The Organic Question.

Dear Eno, Why do some wines not get certified organic if they farm organically and make wine organically?  I’ve noticed some of my favorite wineries are organic in practice but not on the label… – Phil   Dear Phil, To certify, or to not certify: that is the question!   Organic certificates/stamps on wine labels…

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