Daily Archives: September 25, 2017


Ask Eno: What’s Grand Cru?

Dear Eno, What does “Grand Cru” mean on a Champagne bottle? – Jim   Dear Jim, “Grand Cru” on a Champagne label indicates that the particular bottling is made entirely from grapes that come from Grand Cru villages. This is a marker of higher quality grapes (and therefore higher prices). Grand Cru Champagnes tend to…


This Week at Aurora: 9.25.17

As programming winds down at Aurora, we’re sharing highlighted events at the beginning of every single week! Here’s what we’re looking forward to.   Free Show this Monday (today!) vudu sister • leiko • seatbelt :: Sept 25th :: 9pm Gentle moody magic. Indulge in some velvety dark folk tunes and penetrating vocals.     Tuesday…

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