Daily Archives: October 18, 2017


Ricky Rainbow Beard at Aurora TONIGHT!

This Wednesday, we’re in for a real treat at Aurora. First, stop by for The Ricky Rainbow Beard Show. It’s what happens when you mix a talk show with story time! You say you like kids’ shows? Well, at The Ricky Rainbow Beard Show we say, “Yes You Can!” Come for an experience you can’t…


Ask Eno: Champagne from California?

Dear Eno, Why can sparkling wines from California use “Champagne” on the label?  Isn’t that  French-only term? – Leslie   Dear Leslie, Good observation! You are right:  Champagne is a legally defined region (and type of wine) in France so use of “Champagne” on a wine’s label outside of that region violates EU law.  Not…

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