Daily Archives: November 17, 2017


Thanksgiving Orders from Ellie’s Bakery

Ellie’s Bakery is strutting their stuff this Thanksgiving! Place your orders for breads, rolls, and desserts so you can spend more time with the family this year. Cranberry Frangipane Tart spiced sugar cookie crust, almond Frangipane, seckle pears (serves 6) | $30   All orders must be made 48 hours in advance of pick up!…


Alternative Cookbooks with Symposium

Do you have someone coming over this Thanksgiving with dietary restrictions? Maybe you want to host a Friendsgiving, but don’t want to overwhelm your guests with more of the same stuffings and casseroles. Perhaps, you’re just tired of your standard repertoire. Never fear, Symposium Books has a whole host of books to help you get…

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