Gracie’s Cooking Sessions

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Learn professional level cooking  techniques from those who know!

Gracie’s Cooking Sessions is all about learning techniques and lessons from the professional kitchen which can be applied in your home cooking. Each of these 3 cooking sessions will have its own focus with specific lessons, techniques, and takeaways.

Our culinary team will be your hosts for the evening. You will work hand in hand with our talented kitchen staff to plan and execute a 3 course dinner. Along the way, you will see cooking demos, learn techniques and cooking lessons, as well as plenty of hands on practice.

Dine as a family. After dinner is prepared, everyone, including the chef and cooks, will sit down in the dining room to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Each course will be served with its own wine pairing, and our wine savvy service staff will be there to answer any food and wine pairing questions you might have. Learn, cook, eat, and drink with Gracie’s passionate team!


April 2nd

Gracie’s Cooking Sessions 1: Why we love Blackbird Farm

On Sunday April 2nd join farmer and friend, Ann Marie Bouthillette and the Gracie’s culinary team as we learn the who, what, when, and why, of Rhode Island’s most delicious beef and pork. The evening will focus on curing, cutting, and cooking of beef and pork. Learn how to cure your own bacon! Spend time, not only with our talented kitchen staff, but also with the farmer herself.

Sustainable local farming, meat cookery, utilizing beef and pork scraps,

August 13th

Gracie’s Cooking Sessions 2: Handmade pasta, the rooftop garden, perfection in simplicity

Summer is in full swing and we can’t wait to show you how inspired we get after spending some time at our rooftop garden. The evening will begin with a tour of our famous garden. We will discuss gardening techniques and the culinary uses of a wide variety of herbs and vegetables. After gathering up our ingredients for supper, it’s back into the kitchen to turn our bounty into a feast. This evening’s lessons will focus on garden fresh ingredients and cooking techniques to highlight those ingredients in the peak of their season. Also, handmade pasta is much easier to make than you think. We are going to teach you the lessons and techniques to make delicious handmade pasta with ease!

Pasta cookery, gardening, fresh herbs,salad dressings

November 12th

Gracie’s Cooking Sessions 3: Duck is a beautiful thing!

Duck is one of our favorite ingredients! It stays on our menu all year round. We want to show you why we love duck so very very much. You will learn how to break down and utilize all parts of the duck. We will focus on the different cooking techniques used to prepare different parts and cuts of the duck.

Duck liver mousse, duck fat cornbread, braising, searing, breaking down a duck


all images by J. Wessel Photography

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