Smart Layers From Clover

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Yes, navigating the sidewalk this time of year can be a doozy. And it’s not just the treacherous, slush covered ice.

While gliding gracefully (or in some cases, bunglingly) in the fickle climate, one tends to get a work-out! The trouble is, as soon as you reach your destination, you are so overheated and uncomfortable it can be a little tough to transition to your new surroundings while maintaining composure.

To add to insult to injury, what may have started out as a 28 degree morning, will capriciously warm to a springy 55 degrees. Your knee length puffer is not exactly the most elegant arm candy, and plus you still have to worry about dragging it through all those slush piles.

Luckily, there are plenty of forgiving fabrics that can help you regulate your body temperature. When you work with layers of cotton, you can create some elegant, effortless, and practical looks.

Here, we have picked out some of our favorite layerings pieces from Clover.


Try starting off your layered look with a long, cotton tank. The extra fabric can peek out from under your top layers and add an unexpected texture.

These cropped slacks are so perfect for avoiding a soggy hemline. Pair with a pair of kick-ass high ankle boots for an edgy look.


The next layer should be a thin cardigan. This will keep your arms gently covered while its breathability allows you to cool off quickly once you’ve reached your destination.

Alternatively, get yourself a long, cotton turtleneck. This distressed version from Cotton Citizen for sale at Clover is super soft, and each one is unique.



Woven with denser cotton, this chunky sweater has a gorgeous peek-a-boo knit so you can show off some skin, or your under-layers.


To top off your new layered look, we picked out this linen and wool jacket. Its elegant swing and flowy fabric is just enough to keep you warm when you first set out while encouraging ventilation.


Do you have a favorite layering technique? We want to hear about it! Tag @indowncitypvd on instagram of twitter to show us your fave looks.



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