Ask Eno: Drinking Outside the Box

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Dear Eno,

Is there such a thing as GOOD boxed wine?



Dear Sean,

There IS!  Of course no premier cru or premium wines are sold in this format for a variety of reasons, but there are plenty of easy-drinking, good quality wines that are sold in boxes these days. 

Boxed wine as a format is coming around as a respectable and reliable way to “bottle” and purchase wines.  This is in part because technology in terms of both boxes and winemaking has improved and allows for better wine to be confidently packaged in this way. Though it’ll take a minute or two for many American consumers to come around to this format, there’s a lot of great benefits to boxed wine:

Great value – boxes can hold the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine!

Easy to transport and store versus fragile glass bottles that might fall, break, or roll around your boat during your summertime seaside excursions.

Lasts longer.  Because the bag inside the box collapses around the wine as you drink it, it protects the remaining wine from oxygen exposure.  An “open” box of wine will last much longer than their glass bottle counterparts – especially if it’s a white wine in the fridge.

Less waste is involved.  Less bottles, less corks, less breakage = less waste!

More sustainable.  For those of you who are interested in sustainable wine practices, one part of the equation often not considered is sustainability in terms of shipping wine.  Shipping in bulk containers to destinations rather than in individual bottles is cheaper and has a smaller carbon footprint.  Wines are increasingly being shipped in this way and bottled at their destinations for this reason.

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