Seeing Green

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This early spring has been going on for far too long.

The soggy weather and dark skies aren’t doing much for our spring cleaning motivation, we must say!

To give yourself a little mood boost, we’d like to recommend adding a little green to your indoor environment. We’ve picked out some of our favorite plant accessories to get you started on your spring cleaning mission.





Whether you like a traditional hanging planter or a conversation starter, you will find it on Westminster Street. These natural, earthenware pots from Craftland are great for a clean, homey look. The skull planter from Homestyle is a nice foil to more conventional decor (we love the idea of putting it next to concrete or terra cotta planters you may already have at home!).

Craftland also carries these elegant wooden vases for fresh cut buds (if we ever get em!). They balance on a table top, and there is a hook in the back for hanging. The long clay vase from Queen of Hearts and Modern Love would be beautiful with a hanging plant like rosary vine, heart leaf, fiddle leaf or spider plants.


So many air plants and succulents at Queen of Hearts and Modern Love! These low-maintenance sprouters are extremely popular and for good reason–you can completely transform your living space in fun and creative ways with minimal effort. Just don’t overwater your precious new buds!

At Craftland, you can find these seed bombs. A no-till option for planting, these are best used outside, but how fun would it be to monitor the surprises that sprout up in your living room?

Homestyle also has great options if you are just getting your green thumb warmed up. These kits come with full instructions and everything  you might need to care for unique plants.


Plant Aids

These watering bulbs at Queen of Hearts help maintain the perfect water level in your plant pots. When the soil gets dry, it releases oxygen into the bulb and encourages the release of exactly the amount of water your plant needs. Little Herb Gardens is a useful guide from Symposium for both indoor and outdoor gardens. It also includes recipes for herb-infused oils and vinegars, herb-scented biscotti, and herb-flavored sorbets, as well as a resource directory, a bibliography, and an index, complete this uniquely stylish volume.

These precious scissors are a charming addition to your plant table. A functional and attractive way to prune all your indoor plants, available at Queen of Hearts! If you like the idea of a watering bulb, you should also check out this attachment at Homestyle that allows you to turn your glass bottles into a super-waterer. Of course, these are best used for plants that require lots of hydration.

Plant Decor

Now it’s time to dress up your indoor jungle! Small figurines like these ceramic animals from Craftland make a cheerful addition to your set-up. These witty candles from Homestyle will add some meta-tude (especially if your indoor garden has lots of cacti!). And, of course, rose quartz and other stones from Queen of Hearts will make your display sparkle.



This book serves more as inspiration for planting your new indoor garden, plus, it will get you excited for spring. The lives of Ripley and Barneby were shaped by a passion for knowing the world in all its lush particulars.

Dwight Ripley, the child heir to an American railroad fortune, and Rupert Barneby, the product of a wealthy, baronial English upbringing, shared an obsession with botany from the moment they met at an exclusive boys’ boarding school in England. Together they embarked on a lifelong pursuit of rare plants.

But the two men had other interests as well: they were intimates in the expatriate circles that included W. H. Auden and Peggy Guggenheim, and early collectors of painters such as Jackson Pollock and Joan Miró. Ripley, a prescient artist himself, used his fortune to bankroll much of the avant-garde art scene of the early 1950s.

You can find it at Symposium.

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