Ask Eno: Kosher

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Dear Eno,

How is Kosher wine different than other wine?

– Deena




Dear Deena,

Good question considering that Passover is fast approaching!

Kosher wines are made like other wines with some extra rules.  To be Kosher a wine must be:

* made under the supervision of a Rabbi with only winery equipment certified by a Rabbi

* made only with Kosher ingredients (yeasts, fining agents, etc)

* made without any artificial flavors, ingredients, or coloring

* handled entirely by Sabbath-observing Jews

Meshuval Wine:  Kosher wines which can be handled by others (non Sabbath-observing Jews).  They are also pasteurized (usually flash pasteurized to prevent too much flavor loss).  These wines eliminate the problems associated with guests or wait staff who are not Jewish or Sabbath-observing handling kosher wines.  

Kosher wines meant for celebrating Passover must also be free of corn syrup and legumes and kept away from grains, bread, and dough.  Corn Syrup is a sweetening agent used in many foods and drinks.  The famous sweet concord grape wine Manischewitz is usually sweetened with corn syrup so they also have a special version without corn syrup labeled “Kosher for Passover“.

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