Ask Eno: Wine Gummies!

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Dear Eno,

I tried making wine gummy bears and they turned out terrible….were very rubbery and though the recipe told me to add maple syrup to sweeten them which really didn’t taste right… Ever had any success with wine gummies??

– Lindsey




Dear  Lindsey,


There are a lot of wine gummies on the internet – as you discovered some are probably better than others.  I have also tried out some recipes in order to figure out what works and what doesn’t.  Here’s my advice:

1. Use a wine that is already naturally sweet as the base, e.g. Red Newt Riesling or Moscato d’Asti for white bears and Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz for red bears.  

2. Just plain sugar is the best for adding sweetness to the mix.  I’ve tried recipes that suggest syrups of all kinds and I haven’t found those gummies to turn out that well.

3. Too much gelatin will cause make gummies too rubbery.  It’s worth doing a test run first to see if you should use less gelatin than suggested.  

4. Check the temperature while you have the mix of sugar, gelatin, and wine on the stove – if it gets hotter than 90 F you will burn off the alcohol in the mix!

5.  For fun, multi-colored gummies, use a white wine base and use a few drops of food dye.

6. The longer you refrigerate them in the molds after, the easier it’ll be to get them out of the molds!  60-90 minutes should be plenty.  

I’ve had success with this recipe HERE!

Good Luck!

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