Ask Eno: Summery Red Wines

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Dear Eno,

What types of red wines do you suggest for the upcoming hot months?

– Karen




Dear Karen,

Summer-friendly red wines are typically lighter, fruit-driven, and can sometimes even stand to be slightly chilled.  

Some suggestions:

* Pinot Noir – Reds made from Pinot Noir tend to be on the lighter style (the exceptions being some Californian examples and some premium Burgundies like Pommard).  Hallmarks of Pinot Noir include cherry, raspberry, and cranberry.

* Schiava [ski-AH-vah] – Also known as Trollinger or Vernatsch, this grape comes from Northern Italy and Germany. It offers fruity flavors ranging from strawberries and roses to cherry Jolly Rancher or cotton candy.  This is a great food wine and can stand to be served slightly cold.

* Grenache/Garnacha – Also known as Cannonau [cann-aw-now] in Italy.  Wines from Grenache are light and fruit-forward with flavors of strawberry and raspberry.  

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