Kleos is about to open!

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It’s finally here! The opening of the new Greek-concept restaurant by the owners of Rosalina, Lauren Lynch and Tom Bovis, is slated to open Monday July 17th. You can book your reservations at Opentable.


Photos by @kbow1976



Last fall, we sat down with co-owner and chef Lauren Lynch to learn a little more about the hotly anticipated greek delicacies, and their family life in the restaurant industry.


How did you decide to open up a 2nd restaurant?

Tom was born in Greece and loves Greek food. I taught myself a how to cook it, and we get to go to Greece every year, where I can practice with his family. This summer we’re taking the kids for the first time.

As far as running a restaurant to begin with, I have always loved cooking. I’ve always worked in the restaurant industry. It just stuck! I didn’t think I would own a restaurant by now, but at the time Tom and I got married, he wanted to continue the family tradition. His father used to run a Greek diner, and it was something he had always wanted to do. We’re both just really passionate about food and people. There is nothing else I would want to do or that would make me happier. And now we’re opening another one! Two kids and two restaurants!

The Kitchen at Rosalina

When we had Harry last year, we brought him to Rosalina before bringing him home. Kleos is actually named in part for him, where Rosalina is named for our oldest daughter. Harry, short for Hercules or Herakleos, literally means “glory to Hera”– but “glory” relating to lineage or renown. Kleos seemed to fit just right as this is Tom’s project commemorating his father while making something for his son.


What is the concept for Kleos?

There’s a lot of classic Greek food, but also some new inventive dishes we’ve come up with–some twists on originals. I’m putting together the menu, right now, and Phil, our current sous chef at Rosalina, will be moving over to Kleos as executive chef.

Moussaka is pretty much as classic as it gets. Eggplant, potatoes, layered meat sauce topped with creamy bechamel and baked until bubbling in a cast iron pan. (Yum!)

We’ll also do a Greek meze plate – or for the Italians – a Greek version of an antipasto.

There’s two separate menus, one for lunch and one for dinner. We will basically have a quick service lunch station during the weekdays, and then open up for more fine dining on evenings and weekends.


You mentioned wanting to experiment with some dishes– can you tell us what you’re thinking?

We’re going to do some raw bar stuff. We’re working on doing scallop crudo. Thinly sliced scallops with blood orange vinegar and scallions with toasted pistachios.

I really wanted to have a pasta dish, so we’re working on a Grecian gemelli. Fresh pasta with oregano and pistachio pesto, greek prawns, topped with greek yogurt and sun dried tomato cream.

My mother is so picky, and I always want to make sure I have something on the menu that she’ll eat! This dish was fun to come up with.


What are you most looking forward to?

When it’s spring and we can open the operable windows towards Grant’s Block!



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