Ask Eno: Ice cubes in Wine?

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Dear Eno,

Can I put ice cubes in my wine or is that a wine faux-pas?

– Dana


Dear Dana,

Sometimes a glass of light white wine or Prosecco just begs for a little ice cube or two, especially while sitting on the beach or by the pool.  Some somms might snicker at the practice but this is actually pretty common in a lot of Mediterranean regions where the summer heat is fierce.  

That said, the only down-side to ice cubes in your wine is that as they melt they do water it down, which also makes them less acidic and therefore less refreshing.  One particular producer, Moet, has actually marketed a sparkling Champagne that is made specifically to be served with ice!  But there are some other alternatives to ice cubes if you are concerned with traditional cubes watering your wine down too much:

* Some products like “Corkcicles” (wine icicles) work by keeping your bottle cool without melting and diluting.  

* Bottle wraps – Ice jackets for wine bottles are a easy way to keep a bottle cold outside for an hour or so.  

* Dilute wine with wine – Make “wine cubes”  by throwing some of the same wine into ice cube trays in the freezer and use those to chill your wine instead of regular cubes.  Make it fancy and throw a few berries into each ice cube tray!

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