10 things you didnt know about Moonlight

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Movies on the Block will be screening MOONLIGHT on August 3rd at Grant’s Block. Here are some things you might not have known about the production:


Naomie Harris had to shoot her entire role in three days, in between her promotional tour of Spectre (2015), due to a visa problem (Harris is British). The scenes spanned 15 years in the character’s life and were filmed out of sequence.


When she was first approached to play Chiron’s crack addict mother, Naomie Harris refused the role on the basis that she didn’t want to portray women in negative lights. However, Barry Jenkins confided that she would be portraying a character inspired by his mother and it convinced her to take the role. She spent the next month studying the lives of drug addicts on YouTube videos.


An early meeting with Brad Pitt helped director Barry Jenkins get the necessary funds and distribution deal he required.


When Juan teaches Little how to swim, Mahershala Ali is really teaching Alex R. Hibbert how to swim. When production started, Hibbert did not know how to swim.


Mahershala Ali is the first person of Muslim faith to win the Academy Award for acting.

In an interview, Barry Jenkins said that the three actors who play Chiron never met during production. He wanted each of them to build their own persona of Chiron during their respective segments, with no influence from the other portrayals. The same technique was used with the actors who play Kevin.


Feeling too distracted by his personal history when he tried writing the script in the United States, Berry Jenkins revealed he had decided to travel abroad to finish Moonlight. He asked his friends where was the most boring place in Europe, to which he was told Brussels, the Belgian capital.

Song “Cucurrucucu Paloma” was director’s personal homage to Wong Kar-Wai’s film Happy Together (1997) which deals with the same subject matter.



This is the first LGBT film, and the first film featuring an all black cast, to win the Academy Award for Best Picture.



Chiron is the name of a centaur in Greek mythology known as the Wounded Healer.




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