Daily Archives: March 6, 2017


Ask Eno: Chardonnay

Dear Eno, Why are some Chardonnay wines buttery? -Kristy     Dear Kristy, That buttery or creamy character you find in some white wines is due to a second type of fermentation called malolactic fermentation (MLF for short).   For non-sparkling wines there are two types of fermentation that typically take place: 1. Alcoholic Fermentation– yeasts consume…


Free Show tonight at Aurora

Sink into the deep end with speedy hardcore, dreamy noise, and other ferocious sounds this Monday. Starts at 9pm. Hussy – PVD precious snowflakes Neaux – Beautiful noise alt rock ala MBV Power Monster – PVD solo sound riot Wishroom – like if Ride formed in New Beige   The show is free, but please…

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