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Ask Eno: Drinking Outside the Box

Dear Eno, Is there such a thing as GOOD boxed wine? -Sean    Dear Sean, There IS!  Of course no premier cru or premium wines are sold in this format for a variety of reasons, but there are plenty of easy-drinking, good quality wines that are sold in boxes these days.  Boxed wine as a…


InDowncity Snow Closures

OPEN Serendipity Gourmet Small Point Cafe  closing at noon Sura opening at noon   CLOSED Aurora Providence Bolt Coffee Co. Clover Ellie’s Bakery Eno Fine Wines Figidini Gracie’s Homestyle The Malted Barley Queen of Hearts and Modern Love Red Fin Crudo + Kitchen Symposium Books Tom’s Bao Bao The Vault Collective  

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