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PVDFest Profile: Ladies Rock Alumns at Aurora Providence

PVD FEST is once again descending upon our glorious city and FIYAHEART is teaming up with Gertrude Atherton and Prophecy Girl to bring you one of the hottest, (and coolest 😉 ) nights of audible delight in town! Join Aurora for a raucous night of Ladies Rock Alumns heating things up. Proceeds will go to Girls…


Festival Wear from The Vault

Some festival picks from The Vault Collective. They showed us these awesome outfits back at the beginning of spring–but we think you should get another look before PVDfest (you know, for some ideas!)   You’ll be seeing a lot of colored jeans this year, and we aren’t complaining. A fresh take on the ubiquitous staple…


Festival Wear from Queen of Hearts and Modern Love

Earlier this spring, the fine ladies and fashion mavens at Queen of Hearts and Modern Love helped us pick out some festival looks for Taco Fest. We’re pulling them out again so you can plan for all your gorgeous, breezy looks this season! This ruffled crop top is made all the more delicious with the…

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