Daily Archives: July 17, 2017


Aurora Future Mondays: 7.17.17

  Each and every Monday, a dazzling array of artists and musicians will grace the Aurora stage to enact a performance which will benefit an organization selected as the chosen beneficiary of the month. JULY WILL BENEFIT: the FANG COLLECTIVE Founded in 2013, The FANG Collective seeks to escalate resistance to the fracked gas industry while supporting other…


Ask Eno: Is Corona Gluten Free?

Dear Eno, Someone told me Corona is gluten-free….. Is that true?? – Gabe               Dear Gabe, This is a surprisingly controversial topic – Corona has a very low amount of detectable gluten – 20ppm or less.  While the FDA generally considers products with less than 20ppm gluten-free, Corona DOES contain…

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