Daily Archives: August 3, 2017


10 Things you Might not have Known About Dumb and Dumber

Gearing up for Dumb and Dumber, screening at Grant’s Block on August 10th!  Did you know…   Dumb and Dumber shares similar thematic devices to Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor film Stir Crazy (1980) (which will be screening at Movies on the Block August 24th). Both films involve two friends who, after getting fired from service jobs on the…


Mead is having a Moment

Have you had a chance to try out some mead yet? If you haven’t noticed, it’s having a little bit of a moment, and Eno Fine Wines has dutifully stocked up on interesting varieties for you to try. Mead is a fermented honey wine, but is often made with herbs, spices, or fruits. While it…

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