Ask Eno: Bamboozled by a Bottle?

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Dear Eno,

A friend of mine and I opened a really old bottle of wine (from 1983) but the cork said 2005 on it….were we duped? Did we buy a fraudulent bottle?

– Will


Dear Will,

It really depends on the bottle in question. Some producers that hang onto old vintages of their wines prefer to replace the corks along the way. This ensures that the cork doesn’t deteriorate too much and lead to cork-failure. In that case this would mean that your bottle was re-corked in 2005.  

It would be uncharacteristically sloppy of a wine counterfeiter to leave such an obvious trace of their handiwork in the event that it is an adulterated bottle.   

With a little bit of research you might be able to figure out if your wine producer has ever practiced re-corking older bottles.  If you bought the wine from a reputable site or auction house, they should be able to answer any concerns you might have too.  

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