Ask Eno: How old is your Cognac?

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Dear Eno,

What’s the difference between V.S and VSOP cognac?  

– L.


Dear L, 

Those letters on Cognac labels are telling you about it’s age or the age at least of the youngest part of its blend.  

VS= “Very Special”, sometimes also designated as three stars ***.  This indicates that the cognac has been aged for at least 2 years in barrels.

VSOP= “Very Special/Superior Old Pale”, meaning that the youngest component in the blend has been aged at least 4 years in barrels.

XO= “Extra Old” indicates the youngest part of the blend being aged at least 6 years in barrels – though usually cognacs with XO on them have been age closer to 20 years.

Other labeling terms:

“Napoleon”= Similar to an XO cognac

“Hors d’Age”= Also officially similar to XO rules, though typically is reserved for extremely high quality cognacs.

“Vintage”= Some cognacs on the market are blends of a single vintage (but are typically released much later than said vintage).  

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