Ask Eno, NYE: Sweet Prosecco or Dry?

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Dear Eno,

Is Prosecco considered sweet or dry?

– Dina



Dear Dina,

It depends – most Prosecco ranges from dry to off-dry.  

Luckily most sparkling wines remove the guessing work and tell us how sweet a given wine will be right on the label!  Many regions and producers use the same terminology as Champagne:

Brut Nature:

0-3 grams/liter Residual Sugar (RS)

Extra Brut:   0-6 g/l RS

Brut:   0-12 g/l RS

Extra Dry:   12-17 g/l RS

Dry:   17-32 g/l RS 

Demi-Sec:   32-50 g/l RS 

Doux:   50+ g/l RS 

Prosecco tends to be either labeled “Brut” or “Extra Dry”.  Brut, as you can see above, has a pretty wide range of residual sugar levels.  But if you consider that most people’s tongues don’t start to notice sweetness until around 7 or 8 grams per liter, Brut styles tend to taste fairly dry.  “Extra Dry” is therefore a noticeably sweeter style, technically off-dry.    



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