Ask Eno: What Kinda Beer is This?

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Dear Eno,

Is ginger beer really a beer?

– Pete


Dear Pete,

Ginger beer is NOT a beer in the same way that a porter or an IPA are.  It originated in 18th century England where it was an sweetened alcoholic drink made by fermenting – you guess it – ginger!  There are still some ginger beers made in a similar fashion on the market today, like Crabbie’s or localish Farmer Willie’s.  

Many other ginger beers on the market are actually non-alcoholic, like Regatta or Goslings.  Some people use them as a component in cocktails like a Moscow Mule or Dark & Stormy, but on their own they offer a spicy and refreshing alternative to soda.  They are great for settling stomachs or when you’re starting to get a cold. 

Ginger Ale, by comparison, is a carbonated and ginger-flavored soft drink.  This is why they are much sweeter and typically less spicy than their Ginger Beer counterparts.  

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