Burbage Theatre Company: GALILEO

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The Burbage Theatre is back for their 7th season! First up is Bertolt Brecht’s Galileo – the preview is scheduled for this Thursday, August 24th at Aurora Providence.

Galileo examines the tension between the pursuit of knowledge and the power of official ideology, and is widely considered one of Brecht’s masterworks. In the wake of Copernicus’s discovery that the sun is the center of our solar system, Galileo Galilei perceives about him a time of scientific upheaval and general improvement, providing a vision for generations to come grounded in the joyful and fevered pursuit of knowledge. But his hopes of a general enlightenment are cut short when his heretical discoveries about the solar system bring him to the attention of the Inquisition.

From Burbage Theater artistic director, Jeff Church:

“. . . a timelier play you could not find.

Our world is in quite a state. Not a day goes by without some new dose of political chaos or indefatigable ignorance being beamed into our brains. It is truly astounding: the similarities between the times we find ourselves in and the time in which Galileo Galilei found himself in front of the inquisition.

But Brecht’s discourse is about much more than ‘Science vs Religion’. Galileo is about more than a striking resemblance between the post truth political world we occupy and the inquisition, though it should be enough to peak our concern. 

Galileo is an acknowledgement that unstoppable progress and unshakeable belief have been at odds from time immemorial, demonstrating an inconsistency in our very nature, collectively as a species and in the character of each individual.  A contradiction of the will to, at once, pursue knowledge and to deny it absolutely.

It is now more important than ever to point the finger at the simple absurdity and the immeasurable danger that can result from alternative facts.

You’ll laugh, you’ll think, you’ll consider and reconsider. If you’ve spared a even a single thought for the social and political time in which you live, this is the play for you.

See you at the bar.


Full Schedule

Thursday, August 24 7pm Preview
Friday, August 25 7pm PRESS Preview
Saturday, August 26 6pm
Friday, September 1 7pm
Saturday September 2 6pm
Friday, September 8 7pm
Saturday, September 9 6pm
Friday, September 15 7pm
Saturday, September 16 6pm

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Founded in 2010, Burbage is a 501(c)3 nonprofit theatre organization started by four actors who wanted to take the craft of acting out of the classroom and into their own hands. Burbage operates with the believe that theatre’s continued relevance as a civil institution is best perpetuated by building productions around the collaboration of an expert ensemble of storytellers. It is the actor’s job to activate thought and inner movement in his audience.

In collaboration with Aurora, Burbage’s theatrical residence in downtown Providence, Burbage produces innovative and spare, actor-centric and inherently theatrical plays that speak to the culturally rich and diverse artistic community of Providence RI. Burbage makes theatre accessible and affordable for a new generation of theatre-goer.


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