Championship Melt at #Celebratedowncity17

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We are thrilled to welcome Championship Melt to #Celebratedowncity17! After sitting down with food truck restaurateur Drew Cordeiro, we’re thinking that grilled cheese will be a highlight for this Small Business Saturday.

How and why did you start cooking? What is your background?
My first job was a grill cook at D’Angelo Sandwich Shop when I was 14. My background believe it or not is professional wrestling. When we started running Beyond Wrestling Live in Providence, the previous owner would bring Championship Melt to the events. He moved on to another career and I bought the food truck in September of 2014.

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How would you describe your food or concept?
Gourmet grilled cheese! However, we do many specialty sandwiches, many of which incorporate recipes which has been passed down in my family for generations.


How did your food truck come into being? Why did you want to start your food truck?
When we took over operations of Championship Melt we figured we would strictly take it to Beyond Wrestling live, but we then we got bombarded with catering opportunities. I actually left my previous job in April of 2016 to pursue being a food truck restaurateur full time! Admittedly – I never grew up with a life long dream of running a food truck, but that’s large in part to the scene being so new.

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Drew Cordeiro

What sets you apart from other vendors?
We are the only wrestling themed grilled cheese food truck in the world! We typically run shorter wait times which allows us to serve more guests at busy events.


Why is Grilled Cheese so enjoyable to eat?
Umm, have you ever tasted cheese? It goes with everything! Especially this time of year, how can you say no to a warm, gooey grilled cheese or a cup of homemade yummy macaroni & cheese?



What makes your version of this classic dish distinctive?
We use Italian toasting bread and imported high quality butter. It gets our sandwiches super duper crispy without being greasy. Our gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches are light but super filling.


What do you do to keep your dish traditional?
Believe it or not, we now offer an “All American” grilled cheese which is literally just American cheese. We have tons of gourmet varieties which ranged from BBQ Pulled Pork to Meatballs & Gravy to a Spinach Pie grilled cheese but sometimes you just can’t beat the classic. Even better with bacon!


Thinking of coming to Grant’s Block for #Celebratedowncity17? RSVP on our facebook page!



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