DIY Projects from Craftland

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Some people just need to be doing something with their hands – for your busy-bodies, check out all the cool gift items Craftland has to offer!

We recently featured these paper craft kits for our Kid’s Gift Guide – then we spotted this super cute barn one and had to share again! Seriously, check out all of the options for these adorable paper house projects because they are so much fun to do with older kids, or as a relaxing activity after work.

Make your own gunea pig with this sweet stuffed animal kit. Squishy, soft, and pillowy, you will enjoy item long after the craft is over.

Interested in honing your embroidery skills? Try out these guided embroidery kits. The designs are relatively simple to get started, yet engrossing enough to hold your interest.

Simple, fun project for all ages. This delightful tote is also very usefull, so you’ll get double points for that!

Help out a seasoned crafter with these really cute knitting guides. They’ll never get their guage wrong again 🙂

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