Downcity Providence: Our Neighborhood

Downcity is the historic center of the capital city of Providence, Rhode Island. Filled with beautifully restored turn-of-the-century commercial buildings, Downcity is the home to hundreds of small businesses, thousands of residents, and the richest concentration of arts and culture in the city. This easily walkable neighborhood is home to the city’s theaters, hotels, convention centers, world renowned restaurants, boutique shops, universities, and parks.

The name ‘Downcity’ refers to the area surrounded by Empire St, Memorial Blvd, Sabin St, and Pine St. In the early 2000s, after several decades of commercial decline, investments into Downcity helped it to resume its position as a major commercial and cultural center of the region. Now – well into it’s rebirth, Downcity Providence is growing as the metaphorical and physical connection between Providence’s many neighborhoods.

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