Gift Guide for Creatives

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Whether your creative is a hobbyist or full blown professional, they will definitely appreciate these picks from Downcity!


Fun colored pencils from Homestyle and luxe notebooks from Craftland are a great place to start for your inventors and visionaries. These metallic colored pencils have unique finish for more unusual compositions. These sketchbooks are made from high quality paper and have the fab feature of lying flat while open.

Sometimes, your artistic buddy will need some input as well! We spotted these two books at Symposium and think they’d be perfect inspiration.

The Industrial Revolution saw the development of a curious new profession, that of the designer, whose job it was to decide the appearance and even the functional aspects of goods—whether typewriters or tableware—that would be manufactured by others or, increasingly, by machines. When the so-called consumer society emerged in full force after World War II, designers took center stage; some, like Charles and Ray Eames, became celebrities and icons of the new lifestyles they were helping to create.

500 Drawing Prompts guided journals are lined with a prompt or two per page will help ease you into your own drawing space, allowing you to explore your creativity and imagination, one prompt at a time.


The thing about innovation is that it takes lots of drafts. These giant magnetic clothespins from Craftland can help to organize some brainstorms-in-progress, while this clever cork frame from Homestyle allows you to temporarily frame some finer sketches.

Your creatively inclined person is probably used to burning the wick at both ends – get them a deep mug with cozy details so that they can consume their preferred form of caffeine while crafting. These lovely textured vessels are from Queen of Hearts and Modern Love.

These ambitious models are such a great way for creative folks to unwind and enjoy the process of making a complex and beautiful object. All pieces are pre-cut and slot together, so it’s a relatively no-fuss craft. The models are mechanical, so the finished product will move using gears and cranks. You can find it at Homestyle.

Beautiful tools go a long way in providing additional inspiration. These inviting sets of scissors from Queen of Hearts and Modern Love are not only incredibly straight and sharp, they are also gorgeous.

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