Gifts for the Chef

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Gifts for our for our food-loving friends and fam.

Surprisingly Practical

Thermos from Queen of Hearts and Modern Love that keeps your food warm for 12 hours!

Great for custom made infusions, dressings, and cordials – find it at Homestyle.

When you have the proper storage, kitchen work is a dream! Make the whole process easier for your foodie with these awesome enamel containers from Queen of Hearts and Modern Love. P.S.

If your kitchen maverick often uses cast iron, these handle mitts from Craftland are a must try! Allows for easy transfer from stove-top, to oven, to table.

Something fun to try

Aromatic infusions for spicing up the wet bar. Tons of fun blends available at Homestyle.

Unique and diverse flavors straight from LA Central Market. Find it at Queen of Hearts and Modern Love.

While laughing at this satire of the habits, attitudes and lifestyle of foodies, foodies will laugh at themselves and also get solid advice and tips on the activity they love. Find it at Homestyle!

One of the most uniquely American flavors is Maple Syrup. Get a high grade version for your chef’s expert sauces, cocktails, and seasonings! You can find it at Queen of Hearts and Modern Love.

Just ‘Cause (aesthetics)

Adorable serving platters from Craftland are a nice way for your chef to show off their latest creations.

Sure, they’ll likely be used to wipe up some spills, but these tea towels from Craftland are also informative and inspiring for future dishes.


For entertaining, it’s a good idea to get this extra special set of cheese labelers so your foodie can share their passion with their guests! Pick up your set from Craftland.


There is just something so satisfying and sensual about these marble salt and pepper vessels. We have a feeling that your chef will take pleasure in their lovely form as they flit around the kitchen doing their thang. Available at Homestyle.

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A Treat for a Job Well Done

Because when your cook finally gets a chance to sit down, they’ll want a little treat just for themselves! A beautiful just tawny port for a little post-feast making indulgence. Find it at Eno Fine Wines.

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