North is Moving to the Dean, VERY soon.

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We haven’t gotten an exact date just yet, but we are so so SO excited to pay North a visit sometime this fall. In the meantime, we’ll be obsessively updating our instagram and twitter feeds for info from @foodbynorth and @thedeanhotel and thinking about all the things we’re most excited for.

all photos by North unless otherwise noted.

More Seating

photo from Carnevale Studio

While the charm of North’s Westside location is undeniably intimate and special, it can be hard to bring, say, your family and friends by for a graduation meal or special celebration. The light, airy space envisioned by Carnevale Studio when they worked with Faust gives us a taste of the expanded seating the new space offers for North.

Speaking of design…


North’s Unique Aesthetic

It is clear that those North folks have a unique sensibility when it comes to design. All of their plates are handmade, often by owner/chef James E. Mark himself! We can’t wait to see what they do with the place.


Fresh seafood, prepared in unique ways

Yellowfin Tuna Oshizushi with cucumber, horseradish, and green shiso is just one example of what to look forward to in terms of menu options. Thoughtful preparation of fresh seafood is always a top priority in our dinner orders.


Ultimate North Dish: Dan Dan Noodles

This is a classic dish to get at North, and, it’s one of our favorites.

It’s not exactly authentic to what Dan Dan noodles are in Sichuan, but James views it as a spiritual successor – it’s based off of a dish that is based off of actual Dan Dan Noodles. We’re not complaining. Saucy, savory, spicy shredded mutton combined with briney squid and refreshing sprigs of cilantro contribute bold but balanced flavors, while the chewy/crispy noodles used in the dish are a delightful texture that soak up all that awesome sauce.

Adventurous Desserts

OK, bear with us – we know that unusual desserts are not for everyone. BUT! The experience of trying something so unexpectedly delicious and (more expectedly) unusual is, quite frankly, one of the reasons why we like going out to eat so much. That’s why we’re eager to sample North’s unusual dessert program, recently including a rhubarb sponge cake with asparagus cream and pistachios.

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