Private Hire at The Boombox

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So we all know that The Boombox is the place to head when you just need to sign your heart out and prove to friends, colleagues and perfect strangers that you missed your calling on American Idol.

But what if public performing isn’t quite your thing? Don’t you think you should still have the chance to channel Mariah and jump up and down on a couch whilst killing (literally) the latest summer anthems?

The dream of vocal harmonies, chance discovery by Atlantic R&D and relative anonymity can be yours, with private room hire at The Boombox.

Available to rent by the hour, The Boombox’s five state of the art private booths can hold between ten and twenty people, but you’re the guy on the door. Whether you want to belt out a rendition of ‘All By Myself’ all by yourself or host your own private concert away from the prying lenses (an microphones) of the paps (other people who you don’t know) room hire is the perfect option.

For more information or to book visit or give them a call  401-861-0040


The BoomBox at The Dean Hotel, 122 Fountain Street

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