PVDfest Profile: Friends of Adrian Way and Civil

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This Saturday at Adrian Hall Way, get ready for some high-impact entertainment!

The Friends of Adrian Hall are hosting a daytime skate contest in collaboration with Civil. From 4-7 PM, local youth and adults will partake in an informal contest, getting a chance to wow on-lookers with their hard earned board skills. The course will be outfitted with two temporary skate obstacles donated by Old Bristol Line Fabrication.


In the evening, film programming examines human experiences through skateboarding. These films provide psycho-geographic insights into the North Eastern experience through an intimate style of documentation. 

A  20’ x 15’ screen will be hung between two trees in the Trinity Mews park for projection. The first three short films (Kenny Borge, Yan Krichevskiy, and Dan McGrath) exhibit local skateboarders interacting with the urban environment of Providence and the surrounding areas.

A 25-minute feature will be the New England premiere of “The Backstreet Guide To New Jersey” from Zach Baker and Adam Abada. This feature is a sequel to their documentary from 2012 (over 600,000 views!) when they pushed on their skateboards from Boston to New York. “The Backstreet Guide To New Jersey” follows their on-board adventure from New York City to Philadelphia. A Q+A will follow all films.


Born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, 25 year old Kenny Borge is an aspiring skateboarder + filmmaker. Kenny is influenced by past and present skate culture, which informs and develops both his personal skateboarding and film practice. For the love of Providence, Kenny hopes to capture the side of the tiny capital through a skateboarders’ perspective.
Dan McGrath began his career as a filmmaker within the community of Providence based skateboarders. He went on to attend film school in Boston and has since returned to live and work in the Rhode Island area. Currently residing in Providence, he continues to work professionally on numerous skate videos and freelance projects alike.
Yan Krichevskiy is a Providence based videographer and photographer. Originally born in Ukraine, Yan has spent his time in America capturing the talent of local skateboarders while simultaneously dodging the Providence Police (City Ordinance Sec. 23-31). Armed with his camera and skateboard, he plans to release his first full-length video “Skate in Space” in 2016.
Adam Abada is a New York born filmmaker and artist currently residing in Los Angeles, California. He loves meeting and learning about people and hopes The Backstreet Atlas Guide to New Jersey will influence some folk to meet and learn about the people and state of New Jersey. Catch him cruising or see some of his work and hit him up at www.gnarcotics.com.  
Zach Baker is a New York-based skateboarder, writer, filmmaker, and photographer.  Having spent nearly two decades on a skateboard, he is the online skate editor for the Australian publication Monster Children. The Backstreet Atlas Guide to New Jersey is his second major filmmaking endeavor, a film which he produced, co-directed, and co-created.  If you see him in public, feel free to give him a pound, handshake, high-five, or some amalgamation of the three.


Friends of Adrian Hall is a member group of the Partnership For Providence Park’s non-profit. They are stewards of the space of Adrian Hall Way in downtown Providence. Their mission is to provide a clean and safe skateboarding space shared with the rest of the downtown public. Their intention is to widen cultural acceptance of skateboarding as a healthy participant in active urban spaces.

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