Ricky Rainbow Beard at Aurora TONIGHT!

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This Wednesday, we’re in for a real treat at Aurora.

First, stop by for The Ricky Rainbow Beard Show. It’s what happens when you mix a talk show with story time! You say you like kids’ shows? Well, at The Ricky Rainbow Beard Show we say, “Yes You Can!” Come for an experience you can’t get anywhere else.

A day in the life of a kids show host named Ricky Rainbow Beard. It’s a celebration of color, sound, play, and everyone.



“A low-budget Pee Wee Herman meets Between Two Ferns…”
“It was better than Ghostbusters!”
“That guy don’t look right!”


Stick Around!

Just afterwards at 8:30, stick around for Domestique – another project by the prolific Ricky Katowicz. Joining the domestic music makers, will be Le Feeling and DJ Mathew Lawrence.

Details Here.

P.S. This is one of the last weeks of programming at Aurora, and they’ve lined up some stellar acts. Check out their whole schedule here.
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