Some Back to School Nostalgia with The Vault Collective

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Seeing all the students heading to classes has got us feeling all nostalgic for brisk fall days. We picked out some of our favorite throw back items at The Vault that remind us of the first day of school. What was your most memorable back-to-school look?

Gorgeous tweed wool jacket is just so collegiate. While we’re partial to iconic leather elbow pads, this blazer is pretty much pure intellectual class as-is. Slip it on and you’ll be amazed by it’s flattering shape and retro silhouette.


Cropped motorcycle jacket from the late 80s will have you channeling ultimate bad-girl Rizzo from Grease.


A classic saddle shoe is always a fun find! This pair (size 6) is in great condition and will look great with your new pair of skinny jeans or sweet skirt.


So obsessed with these late 60s/70s floral patterns. Fun to think about what a suitcase this tiny could be used for. Maybe it’s time to try an alternative to a totebag or backpack?


If you’re a 90s kid, this may remind you of the spooky R.L. Stine series Goosebumps. Plus it’s badass. Would love to see this under a jean or leather jacket and pencil skirt for a tough day look!

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