Summery Prints from Craftland

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Brighten up your guest room or present to your hosts this season! Beautiful, bright, prints with more than a hint of summer. You can find them at Craftland.

We love these nostalgic prints from Rhode Trip Photography. They’re made even better by the ingenious use of the 4 x 5 film dryers – a relic of analog photographic processing. All prints are made from polaroids, transferred by hand. Here’s what Paul Davis has to say about his process:

“Growing up in Cranston, Rhode Island, much of my adolescence was spent foraging through the used book and record stores of Providence.  Spending countless hours hoping for the discovery of a lifetime. Little did I know, I was laying the foundation for my photography to come.  Many of my images are the result of 25 years of collecting Rhode Island memorabilia. Others are from over a hundred hours of searching, searching, searching… as the art of  discovery has no end in sight. ”

Yummy summer produce in juicy colors. An excellent way to brighten up a room! Print by Renee Garner.

Renee draws from nature. Her degree in fibers as fine art is evident in the delicate lines and weaving of colors into every work of art.

The processes of gardening and building, learning and discussing, are equally important elements she funnels into art making.  She makes her mark in the soil and on paper at her 1-acre permaculture homestead in Matthews, NC alongside her husband, 2 kids and array of furry, feathered, and finned animals.

Gorgeous beach and ocean scenes from Nancy Reid Carr , printed on aluminum. Bring new textures into your decor, and marvel at the luminous effect.

Nancy Reid Carr’s photographic images are quiet & serene with a distinct focus on color, texture & composition. Her simplicity in design combined with the quality of the aluminum offer a fresh, modern aesthetic. The photographs on aluminum are printed using highly adhesive, water resistant inks which are then heat-cured. The metal creates a luminous, three dimensional effect.


Bright, fun colors on heavy weight cardstock. Perfect for a summer house or guest room!

The map series from Paper Parasol Press is inspired by vintage tea towels, souvenir plates, and road trips. All prints are hand-pulled on a vintage Vandercook #3 1955 proof press, which means there may be slight differences between prints.


Animal Sleep Stories makes prints that have just the right amount of magic for a child’s room. The muted yet rich color scheme keeps the palette sophisticated enough for any room.

The unusual and enchanting prints from Animal Sleep Stories, a collection of art from Daria Tessler, often catch our eye when we browse through Craftland. By combining mythology, modern science, and surrealism, her work allows us to approach the unusual with a sense of familiarity and whimsy.

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