The Spotter App: What You Need to Know

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This summer, Spotter, a parking app being developed by Albie Brown and Will Newman, has been getting some attention! It’s quite possible that these innovators have come up with a seriously elegant solution to help commuters to the city find practical parking.

“The core problem is that when people are driving around looking for parking, their options are to park at a meter [2-3 hour limit] a lot [high price] or drive around looking for free parking [often also has a time limit] ,” says Albie.

“The time limit is really problematic for working people,” explains Will. “It’s a waste of resources to have to move your car throughout the day.”

So how does Spotter help?

The app taps into Providence’s supply of private driveways and local business parking lots to let drivers park. Spotter shows you the closest parking options around, and allows the owner of the spot to get paid.



With the launch of the Spot-Owner Dashboard, the duo is looking forward to more city-wide utilization.

“We’ve had no trouble signing up spots in our trials.  So far we have over 80 spots all over the East Side,” Says Brown.

The dashboard works as a portal where people can upload and manage their spot. This is great news for Downcity. With residential driveways a mere 10 minute walk from the city center, commuters, shoppers, and entertainment seekers are about to have a lot more parking options.

Parking garages and lots in Downtown Providence

“One of the most exciting things about launching this has been the response from the community. People are really excited to share their spaces because it benefits the community as a whole,” explains Brown, “By increasing the supply of parking, we reduce the need for building more parking lots and garages, which really detract from the charm of the city and aren’t necessarily a great use of space.”

Here in Downcity, we’re looking forward to seeing the usage increase–and maybe welcome some more out-of-towners to the neighborhood!

Want to know more? Here’s Spotter’s WebsiteFacebookTwitter + iOS App Download




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