Tips and Tricks to Stay Chill

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Here’s how our fave downcity businesses are helping us stay cool this summer.

All natural soothing balm from Craftland is a must have – especially if you overdid it at the beach last weekend. Loaded with essential oils and tons of mint, your peeling, over-heated skin will thank you!


This cotton jumpsuit from Clover is lovely for the beach or a night on the town. So breezy and breathable for those sweltering temps, and plus, it’s totally adorable.


The toughest thing about the summer heat is dressing appropriately for the office. This sleek linen button down from Clover is crisp enough for work, and relaxed enough for the weekend.


Gorgeous jumpsuit from Queen of Hearts and Modern Love reminds us that we don’t need to wear boring tanks and jean shorts to stay cool. We love the bright colors and unique silhouette created by the oversized straps!


Another great find at Queen of Hearts and Modern Love. Cotton button down shirt-dress is fabulous for dressing up or down, and the nautical rope-tie gives the look a fun, beachy spin.



Keep those stray hairs out of your face and tie your hair back with one of these super functional head wraps. Designed with poseable wires in the fabric, these lightweight scarves will stay with a few simple twists – no matter what the hair type. You can find it at Craftland.


Finally, indulge in a refreshing, well-balanced spray perfume for when you need a little boost. The Gin and Rosewater spray, available at Homestyle, is bright and citrusy with an earthy and balanced finish.



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