Valentine’s Day Shopping Downtown

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If shopping for Valentine’s Day is a little overwhelming — especially gifts for the ladies — fear not! Downtown Providence is filled with little gems to make your sweetie smile. Or, treat a best friend or even yourself to these goodies!

Our favorite stores for Valentine’s Day shopping in Providence:

Homestyle, 229 Westminster Street

From candles to perfumes, to artisan chocolate, to heart-shaped boxes, Homestyle has you covered. And they make it easy, with a Valentine’s Day set up right when you walk into the store!

Queen of Hearts & Modern Love, 222 Westminster Street

If you want to up the romance, Queen of Hearts & Modern Love is the place to go: the store is stocked with lacy bralettes, bath bombs, bright red lipstick, and more.

Craftland, 212 Westminster Street

Craftland always has one-of-a-kind cards, and the Valentine’s Day selection is no exception! Be sure to check out the jewelry made by local artists.

Symposium Books & Records, 240 Westminster Street

Gift a classic love story from the vintage book section or browse the selection of vinyl records to set a romantic mood.

Pictured above, card: Craftland; matches: Craftland; bralette: Queen of Hearts & Modern Love; chocolate truffles: Homestyle; heart sunglasses: Queen of Hearts & Modern Love; notebook: Queen of Hearts & Modern Love; message in a candle: Homestyle; heart earrings: Queen of Hearts & Modern Love; vinyl record: Symposium Books & Records; heart box: Homestyle; perfume: Queen of Hearts & Modern Love; purse: Craftland; quartz rock: Queen of Hearts & Modern Love; lip color: Queen of Hearts & Modern Love.

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